South Jersey Tree Service Companies

South Jersey Tree Service Companies

Your easy choice in South Jersey tree service companies is Garden Graphics. We are based in Medford, NJ, and we provide tree removal, trimming and stump grinding services throughout the region. Using the best equipment, manpower, and resources to handle the largest and most complicated tree jobs, Garden Graphics Tree Service works year-round and can be dispatched at a moment’s notice in the case of a tree emergency.

As South Jersey residents know, the southern part of the state is nothing like the heavy traffic, New York suburbs stereotype. We have a lot of farmlands down here, and beautiful; homes surrounded by trees and shade. But those trees can get out of control, and sometimes they need to be removed or trimmed. Leave the job to Garden Graphics!

Our South Jersey Tree Services

About Tree Removal Services

While trees serve to beautify and shade our properties, they can also become deadly dangerous and hazardous to our homes and property when they are not properly cared for. Our tree removal service is on call 24/7 in the case of an emergency such as a fallen tree or large limbs that pose a danger to structures or residents.

***We offer FREE ESTIMATES and will respond immediately.***

About Pruning Services

Tree pruning helps to regulate the growth of your trees and improves their overall aesthetic. Trees rarely grow evenly, unless they have the perfect amounts of even sunshine, shade and water. Pruning trees helps to even out areas of faster or slower growth to give your trees a more symmetrical look. Our tree pruning services are designed to improve the look of your trees while protecting your family and your home from potentially dangerous falling limbs.

About Stump Removal Services

Removing tree stumps helps to prevent termites, beetles, ants, and other unwanted pests from infesting your property. Our stump grinding services are included with every tree removal job, but many of our clients call us to remove stumps they have had in their yard for years.

Why remove tree stumps?

  • They are dangerous tripping hazards
  • They decrease property values
  • Old Stumps cause new growth
  • Harmful chewing insects love tree stumps

If you need dependable tree service, contact us today for quality, dependable outcomes. See why we’re the easy choice for South Jersey tree service companies!