Medford New Jersey’s Top Tree Experts

Medford New Jersey’s Top Tree Experts

Residents who need Medford New Jersey’s top tree experts should contact Garden Graphics Tree Service! We can answer your questions and offer guidance on how to better make your property safer and more visually appealing.

It’s nice to have a beautiful set of trees to add to the aesthetic of your landscape, but trees that are not properly cut to the right size can become a danger to you and your family. We’ve found it to be all too common for residents who live in wooded areas to have these issues to go unnoticed and cause a major problem.

Medford Tree Experts – Our Process

Our goal when we visit your home is to get in and out quickly, and remove your tree without interrupting your home and yard.

After an assessment using our aerial lift, we can properly design a plan to strategically remove the necessary branches, stumps, and whole trees. We prune trees to improve the aesthetic of your home, while also removing those branches that could be a liability to your home and family.

Our method is the best way to keep your trees healthy and prevent it from getting diseased. By pruning your trees regularly, you can manage their growth better, improving look and appeal. Trees are stubborn, and they don’t always have the even look we seek; the sun isn’t always even, nor is water, shade etc. We help even out the growth by pruning your trees for a more symmetrical look.

We also do stump removal. Why? Because stumps left untreated can be tripping hazards, attract harmful chewing insects (termites, beetles, ants), new unwanted growth, and decreased value of your property. Stump removal is available and recommended with every tree removal job. Quick and easy, our equipment will shave down your stumps to mulch in very little time.

Medford New Jersey’s top tree experts at Garden Graphics are on call 24/7 in the case of an emergency such as a fallen tree or large limbs that pose a danger to structures or residents.

Don’t forget to ask us about our landscaping services too!